About Game

Once upon a time in the kingdom of lizards, a great King lived with his daughter, Princess Liza, and his Queen.
His name was King Robert, who was known for his generosity and passion for music. His love for music led him to set up a musical talent challenge, whose winner would be honored with the opportunity of wedding Princess Liza.
The participant started performing; each performance was more boring than the other. King Robert lost his temper when the Queen’s nephew, Zax, started performing. Being troubled by Zax’s unpleasant performance, King Robert disqualified him immediately from the challenge. Zax, burning with anger and grudge, head to the Black Jungle.
The talent challenge was coming to an end. There only remained one last performer. He was the only one who was not a nobleman, who had a different style. The audience were murmuring the rumors of his fame, that his sound could make the dead dance. Enchanted by his sound and performance, King Robert announced him to be the winner. His name was Jack.

Tireless, determined and hopefull, Jack goes forward in pursuit of his destiny.


Jack will encounter numerous hardship on his path to save the princess.

His enemies are cunning and skillful.

The ups and downs; The golden coins or spiky blades and enemies waiting in ambush;
towards where the destiny leads jack?

Sometimes above the clouds, sometimes in the depth of the seas;
Jack does not despair. His will is ironclad.

From the deserts and jungles to the high mountaints piercing the sky;

from the roaring rivers and aground yachts in raging seas, to the deep caves of the underground;
Jack fears nothing.

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Our hero, Jack, has emerged from a handful of concepts and ideas, from perseverance and sleeplessness.

What helped us overcome this hardships was the idea of making you, the player, smile.

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