Why do we have tattoo stories?

This week’s reddit gold: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1c6xk5/weekly_tattoos_contest_thread_why_do_we_have/ The following games were entered this week:A tattoo story about a kid, who just turned 18, is about to get an appointment with a doctor and needs to fill out a questionnaire.

The doctor will send him a picture of his tattoo.

Then he will make the appointment.

The game tells the story of the young boy who is getting an appointment at the tattoo parlor and is waiting for the doctor to send him pictures of his new tattoo.

The girl who has a tattoo is about a year older than her boyfriend.

She is a nurse who is about 30 years older than him.

She wants to go on a date with her boyfriend, but he says no because she is too old.

She does have a tattoo.

The girl says, “Why not?

Why not?” and the game tells her the answer: “Because it would be embarrassing if we found out.”

The game also tells the tale of a woman who gets a tattoo and has a new job.

The new boss is very strict about the way he treats his staff.

The tattooed woman says, if she doesn’t like him, she can ask for a leave of absence.

The tattoo game tells a story about two friends, who have been friends for years.

They have tattoos of the characters from the Harry Potter series.

One day, the tattooed man walks into their house and tells them that they are going to have a date.

When they ask, what the date is, he tells them, “A party with a dragon.”

The tattoo girl says “No, not a party.”

The other tattooed friend says, you are not going to get a date because you have tattoos, you’re going to just get a tattoo.

“The tattooed guy says, no, that is not true.

They can go to the tattoo shop and get a new tattoo, but the date will be the date with the dragon, which is a real tattoo.

And so the story ends with a quote: “Tattoos, in our society, have a purpose and a price.”