Dishonored developer asks if it will release next-gen sequel

Dishonored 2 developer Arkane Studios has asked a fan to share what would happen if Dishonoured 4 was ever made.

The developer has posted on Twitter that if the game was ever released, it would be a story with a sequel, which the developer says could be called a “next-gen” version of the original Dishonoring.

“I would hope it would come out next gen and have a sequel,” Arkane studio founder Arkane President Tim Willits said.

“That would be great, but it’s just not the way I would do it, because the game’s story is very different than the game it was in the first game.”

It’s a story about Emily, the protagonist, who’s going to try to save the world by killing all the villains, but her quest is going to take a lot of time and effort and she’s going out to save everyone, but there are lots of people who will not make it, and so that’s going on to take more time and dedication.

“So she’s a new protagonist, and she has to figure out a lot about her situation and her powers and her past and all that kind of stuff.”

While the developer has not said if it would release a sequel to Dishonours, it did post on Twitter: “If you want to see what happens when Emily’s story comes to an end, read our latest review of the Dishonour DLC.”

Dishonours was released in May 2017, a year after its predecessor, Dishonor, was released for PS4, Xbox One and PC.