When I was a child, the internet was my playground

Game developers like Steve Dykstra are taking their online games to new heights with a new version of their game called Story Cube.

The app lets users create their own stories with real-world events, characters, places and even an actual human being.

In the demo, a group of friends creates an adventure for themselves in which they have to survive a natural disaster.

The new game is the first one to use Google’s “context tagging” technology to create the stories in real-time.

Users can tag events and places to let others know what’s happening inside their world.

For example, a friend can tag an event such as a tornado, flood or the release of a baby, and a group can tag a hurricane.

Users also can tag friends with locations like a bar or a restaurant.

The tagging allows the app to help the app tell a more complete story.

In the demo above, players create their adventure, set their character’s level, explore a small town, and try to rescue a stranded person.

The app uses Google’s Context Tag technology to tell the story of the group.

The Story Cube app has been available on Google Play for a little over a month now, and the developer has been playing with it since March.

The company has received over 4 million downloads so far, and it plans to roll out the app worldwide in the coming months.

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