Which team’s worst loss is your team’s?

Posted October 01, 2018 08:48:31 The Washington Redskins have won four games in a row and are one game ahead of the Chicago Bears for the NFC East lead.

They are currently one game back of the Atlanta Falcons, who are the second-worst team in the NFL in total points scored (18.5) and field goals (45.6).

But the Bears haven’t been able to find a way to win this game, as they’re currently sitting at just one victory away from winning the division.

The Washington defense, however, has been pretty bad.

They’ve allowed an average of 29.4 points per game, and they’ve allowed the most points per drive in the league (17.4).

They’ve scored just one touchdown in the first five games, and their only touchdown has come in overtime, on Sunday night against the New Orleans Saints.

They have given up four touchdowns and 11.3 points per contest this season, and are currently just one win away from the second playoff spot in the NFC.

If the Bears can’t find a win, we’ll have to talk about who we think is the worst team in baseball right now.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will be looking for revenge for their first loss of the season, as the team’s next game is on Thursday night against New York Mets.

After taking three of four in their last three games, the Dodgers are currently tied with the Pittsburgh Pirates for the worst record in baseball (28-30).

This team has been so bad all year, it’s hard to see them ever getting better.

They’re still in the wild card race, and have one game left to make the playoffs, which is just a little too far away for me to give them any sort of confidence.

The Philadelphia Phillies are currently second in the National League East, and while they’re still the best team in their division, they’ve had some issues this season.

Their offense has struggled to score runs, as well, as their team total of 1,965 runs is the second most in baseball behind the New York Yankees (2,945).

The team’s defense has been equally awful, allowing 3,814 runs (21rd), the most in the NL.

The team also leads the NL with a league-low .217 batting average.

This team should be able to bounce back from the loss of closer Craig Kimbrel to Tommy John surgery, but they have to win out if they want to be in the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are currently in second place in the Eastern Conference, and will play their final game on Thursday against the Los Angeles Angels.

The Cardinals have won just one of their last four games, with the last one coming on Monday against the Washington Nationals.

The most recent win came on Thursday, when they won 7-2 over the New England Patriots.

The Boston Red Sox will be facing the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday in the divisional round of the playoffs for the first time in their history.

They haven’t played well all year and now have to try to avoid being swept in the conference championship game, which will be played at Fenway Park.

The Cincinnati Reds have been one of the better teams in baseball, but have only won four straight games.

They went on a winning streak and took advantage of their home park to beat the Tampa Bay Rays on Sunday.

Their batting average of .310 is third-best in the majors, and the team has allowed an .846 OPS (on-base percentage).

The offense has been a huge reason why the team is in the playoff race, as it has scored an average (6.2 runs per game) of at least 10 runs per contest.

They can do this with the rest of the team, but the defense is going to have to be able do it without the offense.

The Atlanta Braves have won five straight games, but it has been difficult to get out of their own way.

The Braves have only been able, at times, to score six runs in a game, but that’s been a lot of runs in the last four weeks.

The only time they’ve been able a run has come on Friday night against Tampa Bay, when their first-inning single led to a leadoff double from Kevin Kiermaier.

If this team can’t score any runs, they’ll probably end up in the bottom half of the NL Central standings.

The Detroit Tigers will be trying to avoid losing their third straight game, when the Cincinnati Reds play them on Thursday at Comerica Park.

That game will be in Detroit, as Tigers owner Mike Ilitch is expected to make his final trip to the city before his death.

The Tigers have won six straight games and are now one game behind the Cleveland Indians for the best record in the American League.

The Indians have allowed the second fewest runs in baseball at 1,819 (the fourth-fewest in baseball).

That’s why the Tigers have been so good all year.

The pitching has