Microsoft makes some major hardware changes to its Xbox One S console

Microsoft is making some hardware changes with the Xbox One, but the company is still going all-in on the console’s software.

According to Microsoft’s new hardware roadmap, the company will launch a new console for both PC and console next year that will have “some of the most advanced hardware capabilities on the market,” but it also “is not a fully featured Xbox One.”

Microsoft is taking a page from Sony’s playbook with its next-gen consoles, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X having a more powerful CPU, more RAM, and faster processing power, but it’s also pushing for more power for its software.

Microsoft’s Xbox One will have a 1080p, 5K HDR display and the power to run games on higher resolutions.

The company also said that it will have more memory and more powerful processing power than the Xbox 360, but this is all a bit of a misnomer.

The new Xbox One is going to be able to run “a large suite of titles and applications,” including the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Battlefield 1.

“Our commitment to the Xbox family is clear,” Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Wilson said.

“The Xbox One and Xbox app ecosystem is built on the basis of the power of the platform and our shared commitment to delivering exceptional performance, versatility, and convenience.”

It’s going to have a lot more RAM and more power than Xbox 360 and PS4 Pros, but that’s also a bit misleading.

The Xbox One should also have better battery life than the PS4 Pro and the Xbox one S. The PS4 is only supposed to last for two days, but Microsoft’s hardware roadmap also says that the Xbox can go longer than that.

The console will also have a built-in battery, meaning it will be able “to charge your device in the most convenient way possible.”

Microsoft will be making some upgrades to its Windows Phone app store, too.

Microsoft will start to offer Windows Phone 8.1 apps on Xbox One to help users find them.

And the company also plans to bring Windows 10 apps to Xbox One this year.

Microsoft is also launching a new TV app for Xbox One called Sky TV that will let people watch the latest Netflix shows and movies on their TV, plus watch them on any other device.

It’s all a little bit of an update to the company’s Xbox app, but there’s no way that it won’t be a huge boon to gaming.

Xbox One: Microsoft’s next-generation console is expected to come out in 2019.

The next-biggest-selling console is the Xbox 720, which was released back in 2016.

It launched in 2019 and sold more than 15 million units worldwide.

Microsoft has been rumored to be looking to get the Xbox to the next-level with the new Xbox, and it’s all based on the same principles Microsoft has used with the next Xbox.

It has the same hardware, and that’s a big plus.

The biggest change is the hardware.

The top Xbox One hardware will be the same as the Xbox 7 in 2020, and the top Xbox 720 will be upgraded with a bigger CPU and better graphics.

The system will also include the Xbox Game Pass, which lets users stream games from the Windows Store, and there will be a new set of controllers that are meant to be a “new Xbox.”

Microsoft has also updated the Xbox dashboard with a new look and feel, and a new app will let users play games from their mobile devices.

The first console is also getting an all-new operating system called “XBOX OS,” which will be more familiar to consumers.

Microsoft also plans on making improvements to its software with the console, too, like better voice controls, more games, and improved connectivity.

We’ll have more details on the Xbox hardware roadmap in the next few weeks.