Ubisoft will give you a free game for buying an old Wii U title

Ubisoft has just revealed its next big game in its Assassin’s Creed franchise.

The free title, entitled Assassin’s Fury, will be available on all Wii U systems this fall, and will include “a full and playable chapter” from the Assassin’s Brotherhood video game series.

That chapter will be in Assassin’s Quest V, the game that is now the most downloaded game in the series.

This is just one of many big titles Ubisoft has revealed for its Wii U console, including a sequel to Far Cry 3, and the first-ever Assassin’s Tale game.

This new game from Ubisoft is not just another title to come out for Wii U. It’s the first new game Ubisoft has announced for its console in three years.

Ubisoft has had a number of Wii U releases in recent years, and a lot of them are great.

The first three titles in the Assassin series have all been fantastic, and Ubisoft has now added more games to its roster.

We know Assassin’s story will be told from the perspective of the young boy who must learn how to master the dark arts of the Assassin Order in this follow-up to the critically acclaimed first game in this series, which launched in 2008.

That game was the critically-acclaimed first game from the Ubisoft studio, and it was one of the most critically-liked video games of the year, too.

In the year since the game was released, Ubisoft has gone on to release a series of games, including Far Cry 4, Assassin’s Revelations, and The Crew.

This Assassin’s Odyssey game, like the first two Assassin’s stories, will have its own chapter in the Assassins Creed series.

The game is a free download and will be playable on all platforms, including Wii U and the GamePad, as well as the Nintendo Switch and PC.

The Assassin’s tale will continue to be told in the first game.

Ubisoft says it will be a “world-class game,” but this game is not the next big Assassin’s game, which is a lot more ambitious.

Ubisoft said the new game will be released sometime in 2019.

The new game comes on the heels of Ubisoft announcing that it will release the first Assassin’s creed game in 2019 for the Wii U platform.