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Game developer and entrepreneur Adam Mareski and his team have been working on a mobile game called Blacklight: Reapers of Paradise.

The game, which uses real-time strategy, has been on sale on Amazon for a while now.

It’s currently on sale for $5.99, and the first 20 people who buy it get free access to the Blacklight alpha and beta versions.

Mareski’s been busy creating the game, and has been working to make it as enjoyable as possible for players. 

The game is an adaptation of the board game, The Blacklight Chronicles.

It is based on the popular strategy board game.

The game uses real time strategy (RTTS) and a variety of tactics to keep the player’s armies alive.

Players choose a character to play and then fight.

Players are given the ability to recruit additional units and upgrades to help them.

While Blacklight is a great game for new players, Mareskis team is hoping it will appeal to those who are experienced strategy gamers. 

“We have to keep it very, very fun and addicting for people who want to get into this genre of game,” he said.

“If it’s a game that’s not addicting, they won’t be interested in it.”

Mareskies team is also working on another game called Farsight.

That one is a “strategy game” with a focus on combat.

Maresky said the game is in the process of being released, but he doesn’t know when.

Mearski said it will be released in the spring.

Maresky’s team hopes to release Farslight in spring.