What happens when you control a robot?

A new game from Microsoft and Valve that uses the SteamVR controllers features a robot controlling the action.

The game called Rust is currently available for $15 on Steam, but Valve has announced that it is going to release it on Steam for $20, or $20 for the limited edition.

The company has also announced a $15 discount for the game on Steam.

The demo video for the demo version of the game features a few people playing around with a robot, and while there’s a lot of movement, it’s all controlled with the Steam controllers.

The goal of the demo is to show off the new hardware and its capabilities.

The demo includes a small space station with some space-themed graphics, a robot that can grab things, and a character that can take off and fly.

The SteamVR game is designed for the Rift headset, which is compatible with SteamVR and works with Oculus Rift.

Valve says that the demo will work with any VR headset.

The team behind the demo says that they are looking to bring more features to the game in the future.

They have promised to add a third-person camera to the demo, as well as other game modes.

You can watch the full game demo above.