What’s in the latest version of the Digimon story game?

The latest edition of Digimon Story games, Digimon World, is now available for download and players can download the latest patch, version 3.1.

The update includes many bug fixes and tweaks.

Players can now upgrade their character by upgrading the gear in their inventory.

The game now features new costumes for Digimon and the game now has a new option to buy more weapons and armour.

The latest version includes a few other tweaks and improvements to the game as well, including improved performance, new weapons, and a new mode called “Story Mode”.

Players can choose from two new character classes: the Light Warrior, which is a more mobile-friendly version of its predecessors, and the Dark Warrior, a warrior with a more powerful version of DigiDestined’s battle system.

Players can also unlock new Digimon through the DigiMode system.

The game is also getting a new storyline with new events and events in the future.

There’s also a new story mode called Story Mode 2, which offers up more action-packed story content.

Players who have the latest update can download it here.