How a zombie apocalypse turned me into a zombie survivor

Posted by James DeYoung on November 23, 2018 08:01:07 The zombie apocalypse was an eventful time in the history of mankind.

The last remnants of humanity were hunted down and exterminated by the ruthless humans of the 20th century.

It was an incredible event in human history.

For some, it was the end of civilisation, for others it was an epic battle between good and evil.

For many, it marked the end for civilisation.

Today, many people would like to think they have escaped the zombie apocalypse.

In reality, they are still living through it.

For those who are struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder, they can’t escape the memory of that day.

Here are a few of the zombie stories that have stuck with me.1.

A ghost in a car crash2.

A dead child3.

A young man with autism in a wheelchair4.

A woman with a heart attack and a gunshot wound5.

The ghost of a man who was shot while sitting in a vehicle in his home6.

A man with a broken neck who survived his own zombie attack and was shot by his neighbor7.

A teenage girl who was bitten by a zombie in a restaurant, but managed to survive8.

The story of a woman with multiple sclerosis who lived through the zombie pandemic and survived9.

A couple who survived an epidemic and survived on a farm in southern Alberta10.

A teenager who survived the zombie attack of her boyfriend, only to have her body found and her friends murdered11.

A child who survived a zombie attack, but was taken away by a pack of wolves12.

The horror of being stuck in the middle of a field and the pain of being unable to move for weeks, months, or years13.

A husband who had an epileptic seizure while on his honeymoon and was found dead, and the shock of finding out that his wife died.14.

The nightmare of having to bury a child who had been found dead in the back yard15.

A group of survivors who have all but given up hope of ever coming out of the post-apocalyptic zombie state16.

A boy who was born blind, but who has developed a sight to match.

He is determined to find his way out of this life17.

A farmer who is still in denial about his condition, but is trying to stay alive by making his own bread18.

A family who have lost their home in an earthquake, and their entire home is buried in the ground19.

The life of a mother who had to bury her daughter’s body in the basement of their home20.

The haunting of a girl who lost her husband and was left to raise her own children.

She was born with a brain tumor that kept her alive but is now unable to communicate with the outside world.

She is not in control of her life.21.

The struggle to find a way out from the zombie state22.

The battle of the undead, a family that has had to face the loss of a loved one, as they try to survive in the zombie-infested wasteland23.

The search for a lost baby in a supermarket, who is just starting to learn how to speak to people.

She has to learn to use a cane to walk.

The mother has lost her daughter, her only hope of survival.24.

A survivor of a car accident who is on the road to recovery25.

A married couple who are trying to find their way through a zombie-induced divorce.26.

The man who survived being shot by a stranger.

He has just returned from the dead, but can’t see his wife, who has been killed by a gunman.27.

A zombie who escaped a plane crash and has been hunted down by a killer who is in the midst of a psychotic rampage.28.

The terrifying story of an elderly woman who was found with her legs cut off and the bones of her legs in the street.

She had just been released from hospital and had no memory of how she had got there.29.

A story of two children in a rural community who were separated and have been separated ever since.

The children were reunited, but one of them is severely disabled, and they have been unable to get on with their lives.30.

A girl whose mother died of cancer, who was living in a nursing home.

She now needs constant care, but her parents are struggling to find any help.31.

A house full of people who have been living together for many years, who have no idea who they are or where they are from.32.

The stories of a husband and wife who were both in a relationship when the zombie outbreak struck.

The husband was killed in the pandemic, and her husband is now in the hospital recovering from the pandemics injuries.33.

A grieving mother who is desperately trying to understand what happened to her daughter.34.

A homeless man whose wife is missing and his family are all living in an abandoned warehouse in the city.