When the story game stops you can be naked

The story game stopped you, you can’t see anyone else, and you can no longer feel your genitals.

But for many women, these problems can become problems when it comes to the stories they tell.

They’ve been taught that it’s a male-dominated industry, they’ve been told to look at the male gaze, and it’s not always a positive or helpful message.

The new app, Naked Stories, aims to tackle the myths surrounding sex and gender.

“It’s about breaking those myths, and putting them to rest, for the benefit of all women,” said Nisa Mardini, a marketing consultant at Nika.

I’m hoping it’s going to be a huge game changer.

Its launched in the US, and the UK, and there’s already a UK version of the app in the works.

It’s designed to give people the confidence to tell their own stories, rather than just listening to others tell them.

And the developers hope it will also inspire people to speak out against the misconceptions around sex.

“It might be a small number of stories that we have to share,” Nisa said.

We’ve seen a huge increase in women speaking out about sexual assault.

They say they feel more confident talking about these issues, but it’s also an important way to encourage women to speak up.

“If they have no confidence in what they’re saying, then they’re more likely to be silent,” she said.

“The stories they’re telling don’t necessarily need to be about sex, but about gender and sexual assault.”

For more information, visit nakedstories.com.au.