What’s next for the NBA after the All-Star break?

The All-Stars aren’t the only ones coming back for a second round of the NBA playoffs this season.

The league announced a couple of exciting news Thursday.

The Celtics will get to face off against the Knicks in the first round of their series, but they’re also set to play two more games against the Hornets.

And the Wizards will face off with the Hawks in the second round.

The games are part of the league’s ongoing commitment to giving fans a full slate of the best games and matchups to watch during the All Star break.

The league said it will air two games a day, including Wednesday night’s All-Time series against the Lakers.

That’s more than double the usual number of games each team airs in the AllStar break.

The NBA said there will be three new games on ESPNU and ESPNU+ in the next two weeks.

The NBA also announced that a handful of other games and games-within-games matchups will return for the second half of the season.

The Hawks, Celtics and Pelicans will all play in the East for the first time in a decade.

The Rockets will return to Houston for a home game in their inaugural season in the new CenturyLink Center.

The Pelicans will play the Lakers in the final game of the regular season.

And in the conference semifinals, the Suns will face the Clippers.

The first round will start Wednesday at 8 p.m.

ET, with the semifinals at 9 p.k.

The championship game will be held at 6:30 p.s.m., and the final will be played at 7:30.

The schedule will be available at NBA.com.