Diamond Story: What a time to be alive

The diamond story is a game about how to survive in an apocalyptic world, with a twist.

Players control the story of a young woman who, in a game of diamonds, has to decide whether to stay in the story or leave it.

“I think it’s a really cool story about the idea of being in a bubble, and how you have to find your way around, and you have no idea where you are,” she said.

Her story is told in the game.

The game’s premise is based on the movie “The Little Mermaid,” which tells the story about a woman who goes into a bubble to live her life.

It was written by Disney co-founder and current chairman Alan Horn.

It’s the game that inspired Diamond Story.

We didn’t want to just focus on the Disney princess, she said, but the idea that people have this need to find their way around.

In the game, players take turns telling the story, with the player who is telling the most stories ending the game with a diamond.

The game’s twist is that it has a narrative twist.

Diamond Story was created by a group of people in the Bay Area who are known as the Diamond Club.

They had this idea that if we had a game where we could put together the story to create this story, we would have a story that’s more like a book,” said Jeff Smith, the game’s lead designer.

There were some hurdles to getting it funded.

Diamond Story is an indie game and there are some restrictions on the games we can put in, Smith said.

They also had to convince the studio to let them use a trailer.

The trailer is not available on YouTube.

So, Diamond Story got its name from the diamond.

In the movie, the princess, Ariel, finds herself trapped in a floating diamond.

Smith said the story’s title refers to a diamond that she was given by her father and has no way to get out of.

The game is a social experience and the game is in development right now, Smith explained.

He said the game has a lot of polish and a lot more story to tell.

I’m really proud of the game because it’s not just about the story,” Smith said, adding that the game was “very polished, and we were able to build a community and a community around it.”

It is not a game that is for everyone.

Smith said he and his team put a lot into making Diamond Story fun.

There is a lot to learn in the gameplay and how to get the best out of it, he said.