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Your Thoughts Have Influenced Your Mind.

Now You Can Feel The Influence.

And You Can Be Inspired By The Influence Of Others.

Now, You Can Inspire Your Friends With Your Story And Inspire Them With Your Thoughts Too.

So, What Are The Power of Stories?

Well, stories have a huge impact on how you feel and how you relate to others.

They influence your brain and mind.

You can’t do it alone, you need other people to be the inspiration for you.

But, the most important part is, you can change your mind about stories, you just have to tell your story.

That’s the power of stories.

The next question is, How do you change your story?

So, what does that mean?

Well for starters, you want to have the most effective way to tell a story, right?

You want to change your perspective on the world around you and how it really is.

So let’s say you want someone to tell you something, that is important, or that you really want to hear.

You know you have to be able to change the context in which you listen.

You have to listen to the sound of the story you want them to tell.

So now, you are telling them what they really want you to hear, but you also want to be in a place where you can have your mind open up and listen.

And that’s the story.

And it’s very important to have a story because it will help you change what you want.

You want a story that is not just a set of words that you type, but that you listen to, understand, and remember.

That is the power that story has.

So the next question to ask yourself is, what do I want my story to be?

So let me give you a list of the most common stories.

What do you want your story to tell?

And what do you think that’s going to be like for you?

So tell me your story!

You want your narrative to be: I want to feel like a person, I want a relationship, I have a goal, I can’t wait to get started.

You are now ready to start.

And I want you guys to share your stories with your friends.

So what are the things you can tell your friends about you?

Well you can share your thoughts about your story, you will be able share some ideas that you have had in the past.

You will also be able tell your mom, or your sister, or some other family member about you, or even a loved one.

And this is where you want people to connect with you because they are going to want to know more about you and why you do what you do.

And when you are doing that, you really will be in the world of a story.

So when you write a story it’s going, You have been living in this dream and now you have your story out in the open.

And you can start telling it now.

Now that you are ready to tell stories, how do you tell them?

The most important thing is, remember, stories can’t just be a set up or a sentence.

They need to be a feeling.

You need to let your imagination run wild.

You should be in awe of the way you feel, the way your mind feels, and the way others feel.

And your thoughts can play a huge role in the story that you tell.

And these are the tips you can give to make sure that your story is memorable and memorable for you: 1.

Do a story in your head, not in a word.

Write in your mind the best story you can think of, one that you feel is the best way to describe your life and the situation that you find yourself in right now.


If you are reading a story on your phone, make sure you have something to read.

Make a mental list of what you need to read and start doing that now.

If there is anything you need that you cannot remember or can’t put it down, ask a friend to read it for you, but if it’s too long, put it in the calendar.


When you are talking to a friend or family member, give them a list, and they can help you put it into your head.

If your story has a lot of emotional impact on them, it might be hard to keep track of.

If it’s something that they are not familiar with, try