Why are some Indian students not using Twitter?

A new report suggests that in India, students are not using social media.

The Times India, a daily newspaper in India and a member of the The Times Group, wrote on Wednesday that the social media habits of students across the country may not be as successful as we would like them to be.

The paper noted that among the study participants, almost all were from middle and upper class backgrounds, and it found that most of them did not use the service.

The study found that only 12.6 percent of students had signed up for Twitter in the past three months, while 26.2 percent were on Facebook and 21.9 percent were using WhatsApp.

Only 8.4 percent of the students had used WhatsApp at least once.

According to the study, students who did use Twitter tended to use it for work, and those who used Facebook tended to post on it for social purposes.

Students who used WhatsApp were more likely to use the app for work or for social reasons.

More than 60 percent of them used WhatsApp to share personal and professional content, such as work, family and friends, or for sharing the latest news or updates.

Nearly 90 percent of those who have used WhatsApp used it to share content related to family or friends, and the share rates for family and close friends are lower than for friends.

However, the study found, that only 20.5 percent of these students used the service for social purpose.

According to the Times India report, the number of students who use WhatsApp has gone up over the past few years.

The study found around 7.8 million students in the country.

It added that the number was on a par with the previous year, and that there were more students on the platform in 2016 than in 2015.