How Snapchat story games are changing the way you share and learn

Snapchat, the messaging app owned by Facebook, is making a major splash in the gaming industry.

As part of its $100 million funding round, Snapchat is reportedly working on a $20 million game for its Story Studio, which will be a standalone app.

Snapchat has previously worked on a video game, a game called SnapChat Stories, and a game for the Apple Watch, and now it’s moving in that direction.

The new app will feature a Story Studio game that’s similar to the video games that Snapchat made for the iPhone.

Snapchat said it will be releasing an app for iOS and Android devices in the second half of 2018.

Snapchat also announced it will start rolling out Story Studio to iOS devices in October 2018.

The Story Studio will work with Snapchat’s Story and News teams to create content for the app, and will be available on iOS, Android, and the web.

The app will allow users to share and listen to stories, which can be shared across Snapchat’s app and Stories and Stories.

Snapchat announced it was rolling out the Story Studio app on the app store last year, but that app’s functionality was limited to the Story teams.

Snapchat’s Story Studio is being developed by a number of companies including Microsoft, Zynga, and Microsoft Game Studios, among others.

Snapchat, like many companies, is trying to capitalize on the popularity of the iPhone as a messaging platform.

Snapchat Story Studio includes a feature that allows users to play a game.

The company is also working on games for the iPad, iPhone, Android and the Xbox One.

Snapchat is currently planning to launch a free app in the fourth quarter of 2018 for iOS users, which should be able to support the Story Studios game.

Snapchat wants to offer a platform that users can interact with in a variety of ways, so the company is looking to be a part of the gaming conversation, as well as an app that people can play on their smartphones.