The Stickman Story game

The new Stickman game will be released in India in October 2018, developer Shri Parthasarathy revealed on Thursday.

The game will follow the protagonist of the first Stickman story in which the protagonist has to travel across India.

Shri Partha said the game would have a unique feature where the protagonist is able to explore the city and get lost in the city in the game.

“The protagonist is a boy who has to go around India.

It will be a city story and not a city adventure.

It is an adventure game where the main character has to explore India,” Shri Parshasti said.

Shree Partha is a veteran of games industry.

His first game was a fantasy adventure game called The Last Sword in 2003.

Shri Chirag Ramalingam, the founder of Digital Studios, who is also the head of Shri Vidyakumar and Shri N.J. Krishnan, also worked on this game, which went on to become one of the best-selling video games in the world.

Shreya also worked with game industry veteran Shyam Benegal on a sequel to The Last Samurai.