What’s simsimia game?

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Simsimia is a 360 story game that takes place in a fictional town in Italy.

The game uses the Unity engine, which has been ported to Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The developers said that they plan to support both Windows and Mac and Linux platforms.

The game is based on a novel by the Italian author, Francesco Sforza, who lives in a town called Rovigo, and lives with his wife, Simona.

Sforze is the author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a novel about a boy with the power to transform into a dragon.

The story centers on a young boy named Mario, who discovers his powers and travels to the city of Rovigorio, a town in southern Italy, where he encounters a young girl named Francesca.

In Simsimia, Mario becomes the hero of the story, while his mother and sister are the villains.

The protagonists meet the local hero, Francesca, as she helps Mario in his quest to save his mother from being killed by the vampire lord Dario.

Francesca is a girl with a red dragon tattoo on her neck, but is also a hero.

The title of the game suggests that she is a dragon in disguise.