When will I be able to use my iPhone or iPad as a controller?

The iPad has a lot of similarities with the iPhone in terms of design and functionality.

But it does have its own unique quirks, so what is it good for?

Read moreA recent study by Google suggests that people using iPads for gaming could potentially be playing on the same hardware that the iPhone has been playing on for a long time.

The study found that iPad users were better able to multitask, with higher levels of cognitive performance.

In an iOS 10 beta release, the team at Google released a beta app that showed how the iPad would respond to multitasking in games.

It also showed how iPad users could use the tablet’s camera, microphone, and touch sensors to add voice commands to the game.

The results were pretty clear: the iPad could be used for multiple things, but it would be a lot less useful if it was the only one.

A recent iOS 10 update to iOS 10 introduced a feature called Multi-Task Mode, which allows users to switch between two apps at the same time.

With Multi-Tasking Mode enabled, the iPad will perform different tasks on each app depending on the task that is being done, but users will see the results on their screen.

If you want to know what the iPad can do, you can check out this YouTube video by Game Center user TheBigBots.

There, he shows off how the device can do a variety of things: use its camera to capture the gameplay on the screen, record voice commands, send text messages, and more.

This might be a good idea if you are playing a game that requires you to play through a set of levels in order to unlock all the collectibles and power-ups in the game, for example.

If you want the iPad to do this for you, you need to install the developer-supplied software for the iPad, but you can also get it from the Apple Store.

In the iOS 10 release, developers were able to add more features to the iPad and make it even more useful.

These include the ability to take a screenshot and send it to your phone, which will help you remember things you have learned in the last session.

You can also use the iPad as an in-game controller, which is something that has been available for iOS since iOS 8.

With the iPad becoming the most common platform for the creation of games on the iPad since then, it is important that it gets a good upgrade.

The iPad is also a great platform for a wide variety of games.

Some of the most popular iOS games include the hit title, Angry Birds Star Wars, and the popular action game, Rocket League.

This is especially true for iOS 10, as the game can be played on the iOS version and on the iPhone version.

If there is one thing that you can expect from the iOS 11 beta, it will be more of a unified experience between the iPhone and iPad versions.

This means that if you use an iPhone, you will be able use all the apps that you use on the Mac, and vice versa.

iOS 11 will also be a significant improvement over iOS 10 because it will include the first major update since iOS 9.1, iOS 11.1.iOS 11 will introduce several new features to help developers improve the user experience of the iPad.

For example, there will be a new version of the game launcher called “New iPad”.

This will allow users to launch games on their iPad without having to leave the app launcher and then re-enter it to play.

The launcher will also offer a list of games that are available for download on the Apple App Store, and will let you browse the Apple’s games library and play those titles.

This will help users to find what they are looking for faster.

Another new feature introduced in iOS 11 is the ability for users to install games from the App Store and play them on the new iPad.

This allows users of iOS 11 to play games that have already been downloaded on the device, and is something new for the platform.

If your iPhone or Apple TV are running iOS 11, you should have the latest version of iOS.

The version of OS that you are using should match the one that is available for the devices you are running.

However, if you have an older iPhone or a TV, you might have to upgrade to iOS 11 if you want those older devices to work with iOS 11 on the newer device.