What’s next for Italian Football team mystery story?

It’s a mystery story game.

That’s the title of a new documentary about the football team from Genoa.

The first half is narrated by a journalist who is reporting on a local soccer team.

It starts with a photo of a young player, then goes on to show a number of the team’s players from the youth teams, some with the help of local reporters.

The documentary has a strong focus on the role of the club, and a strong emphasis on the history of the Genoa club.

Genoa’s footballing legacy is being reflected in the documentary.

“I want to be a part of this story and give the Genoese players an insight into their team,” Gianni Speranza, a former Genoa player, told Radio e di Comunica.

“We need to have a story.

They need to know about what Genoa has done.”

The documentary also aims to tell the story of the Roma club, whose players, especially its captain, have become legends in the Italian game.

“The Roma is the story, the history and the legacy of the football club, which has been around since the mid-20th century,” said Italian journalist Luca Sestelli, who directed the documentary alongside Genoa journalist Francesco De Luca.

“This documentary is part of that history.”

Sestelles documentary will be aired in early 2017 on TV2, which also aired the documentary on its TV channel.